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Host Avenue - appreciating the professional hosts



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Warth: tora
Okay I'm rather bored. And I want to give this community some LOVE~! <3
anyways I was browsing our beloved host site and found they did a special
picture album for hosts and tattoos *_* Some are just really crazy and cool
Others are kinda...weird...anyways~! So I have come to share pictures

I really like his even though it doesn't seem to be finished O_o;;
and he's cute *squishes him*

very awesome designs~! I like his too hahaha xD Looks like demons? Gods? I have no clue..

haha he looks so yakuza..sorry for the lack of close ups on his tattoo >< all pictures were like this
Suits him though huh?

His tattoos aren't anything really...cool...O_o thats my opinion though *dies*
though i do love his pose here! yay! so he gets posted~

LOVE love love his arm tattoo....even though I have no FREAKING clue why he put one in the middle of his chest O_o;; it just looks kinda weird....*(pokes at it*

Love that pic ^ his are nice too <3 something about guys and the whole tribunal tattoos (half on their chest, half on their arm) is HOT

*snickers* This is random but my fangirly self gets a bit sidetracted =P
he;s the Ayumu of host world! (ayumu from coat ^^) ANYWAYS! sorry...Moving on..

Kazuya! *flails* He's a cutie but whats with the dead jesus? O_o;;
Kinda scary but....whatever~

Now this next guy went OVERBOARD! BUt his tattoos are f-ing PRETTY!
I swear it must have hurt but whoa...I'm enchanted~<3
first picture is just to see how he looks like

And his back.

and a full view.

Same with this guy O_o

You can see a full body view of him here BUT I WARN THEE! YOU SEE HIS BUTT! D:
so don't come crying to me if you are scarred ^^ okay~

Shunny~ He seems like an awesome guy ^____^v and I love his tattoo right by his eye~<3
very cool indeed.

anyways The end ^____^
hope you guys enjoyed *hugsh*
  • hahaa!!! i think the guy from Air club's tattoo (together with his hair and everything) made him looked like a real yakuza! xD
    Clover's kazuya's tattoo was actually nice but it kinda freak me out... hahaha!!!
    Ooo!!! Don't some of them have beer bellies?? -flees- hahaha! But some of them are good looking though( ^ - ^ ;*)
    • I KNOW! xD He's go gansta! hahah he looks cool though~^^ LMAO that was random but I'm sure they do! Beer really isn't that healthy O_o *flails*
  • I like the tiger tattoos...I wonder if the guy from AIR gets a lot of people wondering if hes a yakuza. I have to admit did. *blush* Oh btw, I'm new here. Hi! (^^)v
    • haha xD yeah! Japanese tattoos are just so cool!
      *is so easily fascinated* Tigers~~~♥
      YAY!!! new member! *gives cookies and host plushies*
      We need more people to fangirl with!
      ^____^ *twirls*

  • Wow! Some of these tattoos look gorgeous!
    The best part is seeing the guys shirtless XD

    I'm drooling over the last dude because his side profile looks so cool. Nice tattoo by the eye. Very nice... *checks out his profile*

    All of the AGE-OF-EP/AcQuA EP members (except for one, Makoto) have some pretty nice tattoos also XD
    • LOL! xDD Of course~!!♥
      *gives the guys an excuse to show off their bodies too ;D* haha I've only seen Ryo's tattoo up close....maybe i should see the others (go on a picture exploring hunt yays!)

      and yesh~Shun is pretty damn cool 8D i think i want to look at his profile too lol

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