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Things to expect on the first visit to a host club

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Things to expect on the first visit to a host club

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bill and ted :o
All clubs will have a ‘first time’ rate, which will be cheaper than their normal rate. It can vary vastly what kind of deal they will give you. It can be 1 free drink or unlimited time unlimited drinks. They want you in the doors, that’s the most important thing.

When you enter, if you are white you may get some confused looks. They probably think you are lost and come to the wrong floor, you wanted the all night café on the 3rd floor. Just smile, and if necessary ask if they are ‘eigyo chu’ (open for business).

If it’s a club worth it’s salt, they will smile and greet you with a ‘Irrashamase!’ And lead you to your seat with further calls of welcome from the other hosts when they notice your entrance.

Your seat will probably be a particularly accessible seat, you’re going to be getting lots of visits that night. You will be handed the ‘boy menu’ and asked who you’d like to meet first. It probably won’t matter too much who you pick at this point.

You will chose your drink, and your first choice will arrive to introduce himself with a name card. He will small talk with you for a while, another host will come along and introduce himself, give you his name card. This will repeat for the rest of the night.

You will probably meet most of the hosts in the club, because they are hoping you will nominate them as your host. This means they get a percentage of what you drink on your next visit. Consider this choice carefully, for most clubs operate an ‘eternal system’, meaning once you’ve chosen your host, unless under exceptional circumstances, you cannot change that host.

Naming a host can be done subtly or not so subtly. Asking a particular host to sit by you, or saying you’re interested in them will do the trick. From now on that host will sit beside you. He will also escort you down the elevator outside the building to say good bye. He will probably ask for your telephone number or keitai email address.

Congratulations, you now have your very own host! He’ll be waiting for your next visit with lots of <3 <3 <3
  • Thank you for making this post! I found this community through expatsjapan, but I didn't know about Host Clubs until I had already left Japan! So that's all a host club is - for females to go drink and socialize with the male hosts? Is there dancing or something else? Thanks again, I'm really curious!
  • wow a host lj community lol
    oooo i was so tempted to go in with my friends but we chickened out~ plus we didnt have the money lol
    question if you dont mind, whats the dress code for girls, when you go in? like cocktail dresses? or its ok to rock up in jeans and sneakers =p
    • there's a lj community for everything lol.

      Dress code is like...well what ever you want, there isn't one. Like the other costomers are usually gyaru types so it's a whole range of dressed up from jeans to princess types with the boufonts and stuff. I just go in jeans and stuff and I don't seem out of place.
      • ah ok, yeah because on tv etc i see girls all wearing these really glamourous dresses~
        koolies thanks for the info. next time i hope i have the balls & the $$to go in!! lol
        • Maybe in super up market host clubs...or you get hostesses coming straight from work. But that's obviously not my type of club so I don't know lol.

          Was this Yaoh by any chance?
          • lol yes it was! at that time i guess host clubs were really booming in popularity saw many interview/documentaries about host on tv too!! very interesting~ lol
            • I love that drama (as does my host lol). I'm sad I missed the boom I wanted to watch all the docus about them and see them on variety shows :(
  • aww sounds cute~ ♥
    Thanks for the info! But choosing seems so....hard! ><
    Yabai! Have you picked a host? Is it Ryoma? (god i love that name xD)
    *runs around* If only i had money ;_____;
  • Wow! Thanks for this info~
    It has widen my knowledge really XD

    I know about Japan's host world after I watch a Japanese dorama titled Gira2.
    And after Great Happiness Space, I found myself really attracted to this world~

    If one day I have time and money to go to Japan, I'd definitely visit one :)
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