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Host Avenue - appreciating the professional hosts



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Miyavi ! oxygen__
Omedeto to my named host Ryoma for being the number 1 host at the club this month!

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It is the first time he's ever been number one, and it was mainly due to the dozens of dozens of bottles of champaign consumed at his birthday event. But I'm proud of him, and I think he was very happy with himself. He's trying to look cool in front of the top 3 poster but trust me he's a happy boy.
  • I am so excited to join your community! Wooh *jumps around*
    Thanx thanx for your post and everything.
    • thanks for joining. unfortunetly I'm kinda jobless at the moment, and Ryoma seems to have dissapeared when I was back in England so I haven't been for a while :(
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    • Welcome!

      Yeah this club is in Osaka, I had to go back to England and Ryoma's run off so I haven't been back in a while >_<

      cheapest champers at gothica 15,000yen >_< most expensive 100,000yen I think. D:
    • Yeah I always think they don't bother cos they think foriegners won't understand them...but my friends say they're always approached by hosts so eh maybe it's just me??

      But once they realise you have the money and want to spend it on them they'll be all :DDDD
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        • I think I need to find some hobbies that aren't such a waste of money! I can't go to host clubs so I go to pachinko D: D: D:
          • JE! @0@
            Thats the main thing that sucks up all my money..*sees empty wallet*
            I can't even spend anything on any other bishies! ♥
            and whoa~ sorry for the random popping in ^^;;
            *zooms off*
      • HAHAH xD Thats so cute~!
        I watched that documentary thingy on some club in Minami..I think it's Clover
        now. Some of the things those men say to pick up girls makes me laugh :D
        I would so give in...It's not even a matter of if I should or not xD I KNOW I would~*dies*
    • oh and I'm back in Osaka now.
  • Oh wow! He has got cool hair ^____^ ♥
    don't think i have ever heard of this club D:
    gotta admire them for drinking so much, it's crazy!
    • lol, it's his super-saiyan hair setto. I always prefered no-setto nights.

      It's not a big club, and I think it opened in Nov of last year...

      One girl ordered 13 bottles of champagne at his birthday, by the end of it the hosts were running to the toilets to puke then come back lol.
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      • they work very hard, it's not an easy job they have my respect!

        It takes 6 bottles at least to do a tower...but this girl was just asking for bottle after another during the champagne call and it came to 13 in the end. I heard he done a champagne tower after I went home as well. Oh if only I had a rich suger daddy ;o;
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          • lol don't, I'm gonna be beat up by the yakuza for my debts or something.

            Eeeh when I've found another job and I'm not fuck poor I'll probably go back to the club and enquire about where the fuck Ryoma is from the other guys...
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              • I don't know...like he changed his email address while he was still mailing me in England from gothica-blah blah to aqua-blahblah...so he moved to Aqua? But he's not appeared on their site at all...
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                  • Even looking at the pictures none of them are him, he's easy to spot cos he will be pulling the most dasai pose with his tongue sticking out cos that's his charm point.

                    Foolish it may be, yes I was rather attached to Ryoma >_< We played Uno alot and on my birthday there was a surprise bottle of champagne and cake for me ;_;
    • Aiya aiya! I should mother them xD!
      kinda be like that random friend who always gets to
      pull back their hair when needed~ Poor guys~
      some are so dedicated though ♥
      I admire them! But also worry my heart out! O___O
      I don't even know them! yet..i still do
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