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Hello =D

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Hello =D

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Warth: tora
Yay! I'm new the the community, and decided to post this up ^^
I hope it's alright with you mod-sama! ^___^
if not then delete away! xD

I was reading Ran [Of AIR]'s blog today *here* and i guess AIR is coming out with this DVD/CD/PV
thing? hahah I'm not quite sure but he wrote "Debut single!" I think i almost died xD
the guys who are on the cover [from left to right] are...

Keigo,Yunnosuke, Kenji, Shizuku ♥, Ran ♥, Ryo,and Misaki~ for more info you can visit *here*
YEAH first post~! xDD
  • looks like they're doing the same thing aqua ep done.
  • haha i was about to post the same thing here but you beat me to it! xD
    i think they're doing way better than acqua EP! their voice are really much nicer!!! xD erm just that they shizuku look kinda weird in the PV? hahas!
    quick download the PV!!! xD I kinda love kenji, ryo and misaki in the PV!!!
    *ahhh but the PV is only around 38secs! =(*
    get all those stuffs here: http://www.air-group.jp/movie.html
    • KIYAA!!!!!!!!!
      *LE HUGS YOU!* SUGOI YO! ♥
      Thank you so much for pointing this out to me omg~!*0*
      you made my day much better just now *hugs*
  • Yay! It's A.G.E. I've been listening to their song so many times now XD I'm addicted to it. Their vocals aren't bad. I actually like Ran's vocals XD
    Maybe their voices will improve in the future if they are planning on releasing more singles? AcQuA still wins my ♥
    • LOLOL AcQuA is lot more rocky and cool 8D
      they just got some boys who know how to sing really good (like makoto *Q*)

      I hope A.G.E does release another song! This one is uber cute ♥ and i love it since i can finally hear my favorite boy sing!! *flails*
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