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Just random happiness :D

Host Avenue - appreciating the professional hosts


Just random happiness :D

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Warth: tora
Seems I have the urge to post and keep this place alive! ^0^
Well I was just browsing the Host <3 Host site today and Finally AIR [AAA] has moved their cue around a bit~ ^__^v
Unfortunately my host has gone down to #6~ D: I'm proud of him though~ he kept 1st place for 2 months! *hugs him*

 #1 for this month(or more is..*drum roll*)
柊 那月 (Natsuki Hiiragi)
Congrats to him :D

咲風一護 (Ichigo Sakikaze)
he's a new boy too D: wow~! Someone must love him xD


柊 那月 (Natsuki Hiiragi)
2.咲風一護 (Ichigo Sakikaze)
3. (Misaki)
4.夢咲逢夢 (Amu Yumesaki)
5.七色 くう (KuuNanasiki)
6. (Shizuku)<3
7.悠平 (Yuuhei)
8.水城和也 (Kazuya Mizuki)
9.相楽一聖 (Issei Sagara)
10.海堂 鷹 (Taka Kaidou)

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